Specialist support  for biological risk analysis and risk management of high-consequence biological agents


Epibiosafe works closely with intergovernmental organisations, facility owners, scientists, safety professionals, engineers, and architects to advance biological risk management of high consequence pathogens. Biological risks are managed through a combination of disciplines, including biosafety, biocontainment, laboratory biosecurity and traditional biosecurity. Epibiosafe provides training, biorisk management audits, biocontainment facility design, design reviews, forensic analysis of biocontainment systems. Our consultants are veterinarians and biologists with many years of experience in microbiology and biological risk management, biocontainment engineers with many years of experience in the design, commissioning and refurbishment of biocontainment facilities. 


Epibiosafe was founded in 2014 by Dr Uwe Mueller-Doblies to provide specialist support for academia and industry in the management of biological risks.  He is a veterinary surgeon with a doctorate in veterinary virology and 20 years of experience in veterinary public health.  From 2003 to 2014, Uwe lead on strategy and operational biosafety improvements at The Pirbright Institute (formerly Institute for Animal Health) as head of biosecurity and animal services. Uwe has extensive experience in operational biological risk management and was closely involved in the design and refurbishment of many biocontainment facilities and biocontainment refurbishment projects but also served on numerous government and international panels to improve the regulation and management of biosafety. Uwe is an honorary fellow of the Pirbright Institute and a guest lecturer at the University of Surrey and is the European biosafety officer for MSD.

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