Design and Development Consultancy 

Biocontainment facility projects need dedicated specialist support in Biological Risk Analysis and Risk Management as much as they need a well defined scientific program, architects and engineers. Whether your project is too big for your in-house team  or you seek independent peer review, we can provide expertise including 

definition of user requirements,
functional design specification,
design specification,
design reviews,
design qualification for the user and regulatory requirements,
Installation qualification,
operational qualification (validation) 

Design Validation Process

FDQ   - Functional Design Qualification

DDQ  - Detailed Design Qualification

FAT   - Factory Acceptance Testing

IQ    - Installation Qualification

OQ   -  Operational Qualification

PQ   -  Performance Qualification

Containment Critical Elements have to follow an agreed development path to lead the project to a success

Epibiosafe is working with a number of industry leaders to achieve safety while maximising operability and reducing the overall cost of ownership. Too many facilities suffer from serious delays or poor performance, because biosafety was not considered adequately.

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