Training and Coaching

We are happy to develop and deliver training in different aspects of biorisk management. Talk to us if you have specific requirements.

Dual Use Accountability in Biomedical Science

Many funders have initiated codes of conduct for self-regulating bioethical issues concerning the dual use of biomedical research and reagents. We believe this is the leanest way to implement controls. We are providing a course for government laboratories to create a sustainable internal framework of self-control.  

Biorisk Management of Containment Level 3 facilities

Containment Level 3 facilities cover a broad range of requirements and operate very different regimes, based on suitable and sufficient risk assessments. The operators often work in small informal teams and have little opportunity to participate in independent training and refresher training. But as staff assume increasing responsibility they have to adjust, develop and reassess processes to meet today's safety requirements. 

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